How To Live Life

Dear You,
Life is like a river that flows
Where it will stop, no one knows
It’s not something that you will always enjoy
Because most likely, it’s not full of joy
Don’t expect life to turn out how you want it to be
Life isn’t fair, that’s what everyone sees
It has many ups and downs
Sometimes you’ll smile, sometimes you’ll frown
There’ll always be obstacles for you to face
Whether you like it or not, it will continue its pace
But your life cannot be controlled by anyone else other than you
You make your decisions and that’s where life will take you to
You know your right from wrong
Your endurance will make you strong
You’ll be making mistakes, ending up at a loss
You’ll be crumbling down, just fight it off
You’re the boss of your life, keep that in mind
Because your life isn’t easy to find
No matter what, do what you do to carry on
You have to realize, your time won’t stay for very long
Just believe me
That even though life doesn’t always come easy
You have to learn from your pain
It’s all in your vein
Always believe in yourself and in what you do
Always put in effort, even if you have no clue
Never give up, so learn to take the good and the bad
Although we don’t know what life’s got planned, don’t be sad
You will have some wins, and along with them, some falls
Just stand up again
And continue to give it your all
Best wishes,

P.S. This is probably the only post that will have no visuals.

﹘ Remy Raine


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