My Grey Lullaby


The light of day will be the dark of night
Black clouds will come, no sun in sight
Where shadows are, my life will stay
For warmth is miles and miles away

As streets are empty and much abandoned
Everyone else still has a companion
In this world, so cruel and depressed
All that I am is such a mess

And then I walk across the block
of where my fingers were once locked
with those of one that was once here
in distant days of just last year

He is the tears that fall from my eyes
He is the meaning that’s in his goodbye
No longer words will utter about
In darkened silence, I’ve lost my mouth

As I am trapped in this sea of troubles
Every hour, my sadness just doubles
He was my life, my cherished dream
Together, we were a team

He was a gift, found unexpectedly
It was not for me, such tragedy
Yet for a moment, I wanted to try
Only to have found a box of lies

Though time with him was a vignette
Not a day I see that I could forget
He was once the smiles upon my face
And the home I had in his embrace

But now the sun has lost its war
Its flames have died just after four
And his love for me will never be
As I was never as good as she

— Remy Raine

Photo Credit: “street b & w” by Flikr user Joe Hang used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license 


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