Love’s Murder


My days were dark
Completely blind
Then came a spark
And all just shine
I got a grasp of it
And kept it within my cage
The candle was lit
No wind, no rage
But has it flown out?
Has the fire gone out?
So many fractured pieces
So much to stain
The fog increases
Nothing to gain
I’m locked inside this door
This prison, this dungeon
Let the fire come back once more
I’m in such confusion
Bottle after bottle, yet no escape
Incessant whispers, oh the ache
Let me fall asleep
To forget this mess
To have nightmares than to weep
To have this feeling suppress
But the moon flew by so fast
Woke up and wanted to go back
He’s no longer within my grasp
Just went away and didn’t pack
I must not wake up
To this faceless reality
Or all will corrupt
I’m in insanity
Let them steal this body of mine
Let me crumble in this demise
Though nothing was ever fine
I was just in pure disguise
It once made me feel alive
And now kills me in its process
Take me away and consume me
Forever…for eternal

— Remy Raine

Photo Credit: “caged” by Flikr user madhan r used under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 license 


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