Stolen Breaths


Like rainbows with missing colors
And tennis shoes without laces
My world becomes smaller
As my inside erases
Water without liquid
Air without oxygen
I’ve become addicted
To this lovely toxin
No warmth within fire
Lost shades within photographs
Just this hollow desire
And a soul gone in half
A song without sound
A galaxy without stars
A ball that’s not round
And a stringless guitar
Yet to think that I can be
More than just myself
As I’ve become weary
When that book died on the shelf
When those pages were torn
And left behind thorns
When all that was left
Was theft
Of a twinkling dream
In a bottomless stream

— Remy Raine

Photo Credit: “In the Mood” by Flikr user Andre Hofmeister used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license 


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