You’ll Never Know


How could I forget you
After all this time
How could I never knew
That you would never be mine

Whenever I looked into your eyes
I could not help it but to smile
And when you asked, I could not lie
I’d give my answer in awhile

But now it’s all too late
The time has come to this day
When fate can no longer wait
We will now go separate ways

And as we say goodbyes
I put on a different show
But when you left, I died
‘Cause now you’ll never know

Now you’re gone
I’m all alone
Sorrow falls from my eyes
Can’t move on
I’m on my own
Beneath this lonesome sky

In my memories you are clear
I see your smile, your troubled frown
Every time I know you’re near
All my senses come around

Now I miss you everyday
In my mind I see your face
If only time could just delay
Losing you, I’ve lost my place
There is nothing I can do
In my mind there’s no more space
If only I could be with you

— Remy Raine

Photo Credit: “Narrowing passage” by Flikr user Broo_am used under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 license 


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