Too Good To Stay


You were the spring to
my winter
Then the fall to
my summer
And like every other
You returned me
my winter

You were the dawn to
my night
Then the dusk to
my day
And just like always
You returned me
my night

You were the forest in
my desert
Then the fire in
my trees
And with it just be
You returned me
my desert

You were the sunlight to
my rain
Then the clouds to
my sky
And with them getting by
You returned me
my rain

You were the beginning to
my end
Then the closing to
my opening
And with it shutting
You returned me
my end

— Remy Raine

Photo Credit: “view from 8th Station of Mt Fuji at 12:00 midnight” by Flikr user Azlan DuPree used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license 


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